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Otium at The Box & Barn

otium  /ˈəʊtɪəm/ 

Latin origin

Early 17th century. From classical Latin ōtium leisure, freedom from business, ease, peace. Time to enjoy eating, drinking, playing, relaxing, contemplation and academic endeavours - activities considered to be artistically valuable and enlightening.

These are the values we have sowed into the soil that Otium sits upon. Made up of two beautifully converted horseboxes and a cosy barn hangout, we're here for all your grounding needs. Explore our website for details of upcoming events and workshops over the coming spring and summer months, from eco woodcraft workshops to sound bath meditation sessions. Our ethos is to create a naturally homely and welcoming calm space that enables you to simply 'be' - however that looks for you. Alongside our exciting calendar of experiences you cannot miss, we will be serving up speciality coffee from our Cornish roasting neighbours at Cornico, to be articulately made and delivered by our trained barista's. As well as a seasonal home made and locally sourced breakfast and lunch menu.